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“Better software comes not only through better design, but also through better feedback.”
-Tyler Newton, SE
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Below are just a few of the fine complements we have received from our users. We are truly thankful to all who find our software useful, and have written in to let us know. Feel free to send us your thoughts!

"Greetings from Sioux City, I just wanted to drop a note saying how much I have enjoyed and utilized your 'CD Start-it' software. Everything, from the user interface to the smooth and polite billing process, has been a treat. Many thanks for providing such a great product and service to the public.


Kevin Koch
"Thanks for the quick reply. This has been one of the most useful programs I have purchased. Thanks again. I plan on using it with several of my projects. I will look on the site for the new tutorials with the upgrade version I just downloaded.


Jeannette L. Vetter
"NICE work. FINE upgrade. GREAT work."

Charlie Hedbring
"Thank you ! The upgrade is fantastic! It allows for so much more creativity/flexibility in layout design and I can now save my file layouts as well as import layouts from previous discs. You obviously listen to your customers feedback (I had sent some myself and you addressed all of them and some more.)


Wayne Zebzda / Man in Hat Productions
"Cool program with very good support."

"I tried four other autostart programs and found yours to be the only one that would allow flash to run right! That was a great feature.


Lee Greenberg
"Great program."

Rick Brydon
"Love your program - I use it everyday.


Gary T.
"Nice to get the receipt in today's mail. Quick turnaround, a sign of solid business practice. I've already used CD Start-It to 'master' CDs of my electronic resume on business card CDs... taking a stack to an interview tomorrow. Thanks for the help you didn't know you would provided so capably !!

Keep up the great work."

Marc Apfelstadt
"Great customer service!!! By the way I love your product. I work at a large hospital system and we've got all our policies and procedures on the intranet but we needed a back up (since were all over the city) for the times when the web goes down. Your program really makes it easy for the users to access the files. Thanks for a great product.

I will recommend your program for use throughout the system."

Jenny Orosz
"Terrific software."

Dennis Hockings
"Thanks for having a product that simply does what it says it does, and does it well.


Al Brill
"This kind of software will help make a lot of people's presentations... Including mine... A lot more professional, and, user friendly. Thanks again...

Good luck!"

Michael Ludlum
"You've done a very fine job with the program. It's priced inexpensively, and it delivers on it's promises.


Todd Gottshall
"I'd like to applaud you on the package you built. simple, easy to use, and small."

Steve Elliot
"Very fast method to save my favourite sites -Powerful -Easy to use -Competent -Need more?"


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