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CD Start-It License Guidelines Print E-mail
There are three licensing options for CD Start-It that apply to both the Pro and Lite versions.  You should understand the terms of each license, and be sure of which version you intend to purchase, either Lite or Pro. Your registration serial number to unlock CD Start-It (and remove the nag banner on any new auto start files you create) will be e-mailed to the e-mail address you register with. All of orders are placed securely online through Paypal. Paypal does not require a Paypal account to place an order. For questions about the ordering process you may us.

  1. Home User License - This license allows a home user to use CD Start-It for personal use.

    CD Start-It Lite ($24.95)
    CD Start-It Pro ($39.95)

  2. Business User License - This license will allow a business to use CD Start-It to author CD-ROMs advertising their business or services and may also be used for personal use.

    CD Start-It Lite ($34.95)
    CD Start-It Pro ($49.95)

  3. Business Author License - This license takes the Business License a step further, allowing you to sell CD authoring services to others.

    CD Start-It Lite ($349.95)
    CD Start-It Pro ($399.95)

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